Nov. 2016 online meeting

The inaugural online meeting of the Language Under Discussion Society was held on 8–14 Nov. 2016. The following decisions were made (a complete record of discussions can be read on the Society’s Googlegroups forum):

Society membership and future meetings

  • The LUD Society will hold a virtual meeting once in every two years.
  • All authors publishing in the LUD journal will be asked to join the society (though we will respect people’s requests not to join, and will not make publication strictly conditional upon joining).
  • A list of all Society members (except those who wish not to make their membership public) with their affiliations will be published on the Society’s website.


  • The LUD Society will continue to charge no membership fees and it will no longer be offering website visitors the option to donate.
  • If any financial resources are going to be available to the society nevertheless, those will be spent first on website hosting and name server registration for our journal and society websites, and then, if the sum is sufficient, on obtaining DOI identifiers for all publications in our journal.


  • The journal’s current three co-editors (Esther Pascual, Marla Perkins and Sergeiy Sandler) will remain in their current positions.
  • The three co-editors will also be responsible for exploring and (where feasible) implementing possible options for promoting journal to potential readers and authors and for enhancing its reputation as a quality publication.
  • Plans for holding any conferences are for now put on hold.