Apr. 2019 online meeting

The second online meeting of the Language Under Discussion Society was held on 1–6 Apr. 2019. The following decisions were made (a complete record of discussions can be read on the Society’s Googlegroups forum):

Editorial Board structure

  • The Editorial Board of the Language Under Discussion journal will be restructured: In addition to the two joint Editors, we will have a team of Associate Editors, and an Advisory Board (made up of the other members of the Editorial Board).
  • Associate Editors will participate in regular editorial team meetings, and may occasionally assume the main responsibility for editing an issue of the journal, and/or take on to review two submissions a year.


  • We agreed to explore two avenues for ensuring funding for the core expenses of the publishing the Language Under Discussion journal and maintaining the Language Under Discussion Society. These are:
    1. Partnering with a university press specializing in open access publishing (which would allow us to maintain editorial independence and a model where no fees are paid by either authors or readers). Two such presses, at the University of Helsinki and at the Australian National University, were mentioned as potential options for exploring.
    2. Crowdfunding to cover our annual costs.